Scheme - Massive Carpet Scheme

Massive Carpet Scheme - Massive Carpet Scheme was introduced in the J&K State in the year 1976 with the aim and object to extend the training programme to both rural and urban areas in order to facilitate the job employment. The scheme was sponsored and funded partly by the State and Central Government. In Kashmir valley J&K Handicraft (S&E) Corporation was entrusted the job of the establishing the centres in the District such as Srinagar and Budgam. The training was given phase wise in elementary course upto the year 1982. The training period was for 18 month and each trainees was paid stipend @ Rs.60/ per month. During the year 1982 need was felt to improve the quality of carpets with the result the elementary course was stopped and the Corporation started higher advance training programme in order to introduce the intricate designs in higher knot-age. In the year 1988, Government has transferred 35 centres of MCS – 20 from Kashmir and 15 from Jammu Province to Directorate of Handicrafts. Later on remaining 20 number of training centres were also transferred along with staff to the Handicrafts Department during 1997-1998. Thus the total number of training centres under Massive Carpet Scheme transferred from J&K Handicrafts (S&E) Corporation comes to 55, of which 40 centres are from Kashmir Province and 15 from Jammu Province with an intake capacity of 25 trainees per center. All these training centres were borne on Plan Budget. The impact of these centres will broaden the artisan base and to maintain rather augment the human resource required in the industry.


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