Scheme - Modernization of SOD

Modernization of SOD - The concept of design in the contemporary world is changing fast and the School of Designs has ensured that it keeps pace with the latest trends. The concept of design has embarked a holistic approach. Notwithstanding the concept with which the school started in 1950’s in the last few years, the School of Designs has embarked upon the following points to align itself to market demands and to widen its sphere:

Display of artifacts;

Working of artisans and showing live demonstration of different crafts.
Knowledge about raw material used.
Creating and developing new designs.
Awareness among students and public about craft.

The concept of putting into place one window shop for the above approach was a major step taken by the institute in 2009-10. The scope of traditional Handicrafts of Kashmir which was till than limited to decorative and ornamental designs, thus widened into a vast field to encompass modern requirements. This led to amalgamation of tradition and modernity. This concept has definitely helped to meet the present day needs and challenged while keeping inherent delicacy and aesthetics alive. This nutshell summarizes the policy and modus operandi of School of Designs which has its importance and proud component created a CRAFT MUSEUM. The items housed in the museum are conceived, designed, developed and crafted in the School of Design and are always displayed for those who are interested in art. The museum which inherently did not exist was brought to play and creation of design was not limited to artifacts only but extended to the form of setting up of whole museum complex in terms of…

  1. Banners and section boards, sign boards, all hand made in different crafts.
  2. Design of grill.
  3. Design of main gate.
  4. Design and execution of reception center.
  5. Design of work station in establishment section.
  6. Designing of Kani display units.
  7. Fixing the lining of Kani shawls.
  8. Design of converting old crates into tables.
  9. Display of products for craft museum.
  10. Interior design for designing section.
  11. Interior design for tracing section.
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