Scheme - Renovation/ Replacement of Looms

Renovation/ Replacement of looms - Carpet manufacturing has remained the main stay of our handicraft activity. Carpets comprise about 36% of our exports and the export figures for the year 2012 have touched all time high of 607.03 crore. A good number of artisans are earning their livelihood by carpet weaving activity. In order to improve the working conditions of carpet weavers and to increase the productivity of carpet manufacturing, the State Government with the assistance of Ministry of Textiles, GOI has embarked upon a programme of distribution of 8000 modern carpet looms under Mega Carpet Cluster Scheme to the carpet weavers. During financial year 2012-13, a target of 2000 modern carpet loom distribution were fixed and 6000 modern carpet looms are fixed for financial year 2013-14. The process for manufacturing of modern carpet looms has been undertaken by SICOP J&K.

Salient features of modern carpet loom with reference to traditional one are:

Traditional Carpet wooden loom Modern Carpet Loom
Laborious- Time consuming
tensioning & other adjustment.
Environmentally non-viable by
usage of Devdar Logs for Roller
effecting deforestation.
Uneven tensioning mechanism
causing carpet stretching effecting
and wrapping quality.
Wastage of time in tensioning and
wrapping the woven carpet
effecting productivity.
More fatigue and vulnerable to
physical disorder.
User friendly and easy to
Roller replaced by M.S. Drums
covered with flexi ply
conserving Forest.
Uniform Tensioning
mechanism eliminated the
carpet stretching ensuring
good quality products.
Use friendly, time saving
complete mechanized
ensuring productivity.
Less fatigue or physical
disorder which ensures longer
working hours.
The funding pattern of the scheme is 80:20 (Central: State). The scheme is
being implemented through SICOP.

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